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STORY at Macy's

Branding, Experiential Design, In-store Signage and Wayfinding, Floor Vinyls, 2D Illustration Props

Seasonal Theme: Outdoors

Inspired by the perfect summer day, the launch of The Great Outdoor STORY at Macy’s, will invite guests into an immersive and interactive environment bringing the best of the outdoors in, enticing customers to embrace nature, outdoor adventures and let their inner summer enthusiast out.


The Outdoor STORY will excite and engage guests from the moment they step into the space. Whether entering from the escalators to be greeted by a captivating STORY wall or walking into an outdoor environment, guests will be transported into a perfect summer day. As the lead graphic designer on this event, I developed a color palette, graphic identity and all illustrated vinyl and scenic installations.

Agency: David Stark Design and Production

Role: Graphic Designer

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