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Kenvue Launch Campaign

A new view of care for
billions around the world.

Campaign Identity, OOH, Billboards, Print, Social,

Digital Ads and Banners. 

Kenvue is the world's largest pure-play consumer health company by revenue. With a brand freshly articulated by agency Wolff Olins, we worked with Kenvue's corporate brand team to help lead the campaign creative. 

The campaign aimed to introduce the company by showcasing its many and most iconic products and brands. The job was to succinctly channel the company's intent purpose, story, and visual identity into a strong first impression to investors. We lead the overarching messaging development, design and animation across out of home, online, social and print media. Consistent messaging, portfolio photography and dynamic compositions brought the brand to life with care and confidence in diverse contexts. 

Agency: Selman

Role: Senior Graphic Designer

Co-Designers: Jordan Tran, Patrick Adams

Creative Director: JP Chirdon

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